Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Idea : Wedding Decorations Ideas

Learning to make your own wedding florals isn't as difficult as you would imagine. As long as you have the right supplies, creating your own simple floral designs could end up saving you a pretty penny.
It is important when doing your own flowers to choose something that you can easily transport and set up. Be sure to call on friends and family for help in those last minute details that need to be done on the wedding day. Save money . . . but don't cause yourself unneeded stress!

If you need wedding decorations ideas . . . there are plenty to choose from. My site is filled with clear photos of everything from bridal bouquets to corsages, centerpieces to large church decorations.
This tutorial is for a fantastic table topiary that looks like a million bucks . . . but is really easy to create when using
Oasis floral products.

Here's how to do it:

Soak a 3/4 brick of OASIS® Floral Foam in water treated with fresh flower food. Insert into the base of a container. Tape into place with pottery tape. Push the LOMEY® Column into the Floral Foam. Take a pre-soaked OASIS® Netted Sphere and push onto the top of the Column.

The hollow columnand the netting of the sphere work together, keepingthe sphere at the top of the arrangement and preventsthe round ball of foam from sliding down the clear column.

Cover the standing pole with curly willow and securewith OASIS Bind Wire, which is covered with paper and blends well with the willow brances.

Arrange flowers in the netted ball, including a small nest made of OASIS Rustic Wire.

Always finish with Floralife® Finishing Touch® Spray tokeep arrangements fresh.

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