Friday, April 13, 2012

celebrate birthday gurl 12 April 2012@THE MANHANTTAN FISH MARKET, ALAMANDA PUTRAJAYA

my 28th birthday celebration : cheers!!! 

Can't believe I'm 28 already. The number seems so strange but have to say, 28 is the best number! I born on 12 of April and celebrating my 28th with friends, and with my beloved family..I love my 28th :D

with my officemate>>>LINA
with my officemate>>>>LINA


with my officemate>>>>NIZAM

Soooo satisfying.. The Best fish n chips I've ever had!
and eat so many things too! :D burp!

I wish I can celebrate my 28th every year :)
*greedy me*



eita said...

selamat hari lahir...

Afraliza Yusof said...

hepi bday! moga dipjgkan umur & dmrhkan rzki...aamin..